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Author Topic: What back to put on a Hasselblad 500 series camera?  (Read 4324 times)
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Try shooting on tripod, with MLU and self timer. Try apertures from 5.6 to 11. You may alsomhave a focusing issue. Try to vary focus.

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Hi Steve

Just a quick question on the CFV. I got a CF39 and I still need a synch cable between the back and the CFE 80mm. Am I doing something wrong? The back won't capture anything unless the cable is plugged.
Also, how is the CF39 in terms of sharpness? I've been playing around it to be honest the images are not as sharp as I'd like at 100% I shoot under good day light and around F11 125s so I don't think it's an aperture or focus issue (focused at infinity). I'm thinking it might be due to slight mirrow slap or the older lens?

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