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Author Topic: Hasselblad Scanner vs medium format back  (Read 16850 times)


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Re: Hasselblad Scanner vs medium format back
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I made a quick test a couple of days ago, just photographing a projected 6x7 Velvia. I have published CCD and drum scans of the same slide on this thread.

I don't know what I think...

Putting the image on the light table and using a macro lens would give a better result. Although using a glass mount for the slide (GP) film flatness is an issue in projection.

I can post raw images later this week if anyone is interested.

Best regards

I had an interesting chat with an engineer with a motion picture scanning company.
He told me that macro lenses just don't do the job well enough and to approach the qualities
of a drum scanner systems have to do three flash exposures and need to be heavily built systems
with precision thermal/humidity control and custom optics as well as 4 edge frame pressure plate.
In his opinion a repro stand with a still camera and macro lens however high end will only
be a high volume, but low quality scanning alternative. Great for volume documentation, but not a high
image quality system.
Some customized systems use dichroic filters and 9 monochrome exposures. Doing color balance analogically before
digitizing makes a significant difference.

Well it's back to scanners.

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