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Author Topic: Leaf Aptus II Image settings.  (Read 1533 times)


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Leaf Aptus II Image settings.
« on: December 13, 2012, 09:44:07 PM »

Hi, I am wondering what the optimum setting would be for a Aptus II digital back to shoot low contrast photos. ( low light interiors in late afternoon and dusk shots)

In the Image settings menu> Color Look: there are 17 different settings for the color from LF3Product HS 5 to ProPhoto RGB. What do these refer too?

Also there is a Saturation: Tab but how does one adjust this?

Thank you



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Re: Leaf Aptus II Image settings.
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2012, 04:41:47 AM »

Hi Michael,

First you should know that the image settings on the back are basically tagged to the RAW file so that when you open it in Leaf Capture it will already have all the parameters for colour, contrast, WB, sharpness etc.

You can also create your custom settings in Leaf Capture and load them onto the CF card/s. That's why there's a setting for Saturation there and so on.

If you are not using Leaf Capture then you can set your WB and shoot away. If you use Capture One then you can also set the Colour Look (ICC profile) and Develop Curve (Contrast).

Regarding the different Colour looks; those are the ICC Input profiles (as opposed to Output ICC profiles, which you can select in the Colour Space setting, such as Adobe 1998 etc.

LF3 profiles are designed for the 40, 56 and 80MP sensors whereas LF2 are made for the 22, 33 and 28MP sensors.

HS stands for High Saturation so it's a more saturated version of the standard profile
Y stands for Yellow for Yellowish skintones
Warm has more Red in it
5 is an improved version of 4
Prophoto RGB is a wide gamut, low contrast profile which some prefer to use as a starting point as it is fairly close to the gamut seen by the sensor.

The display on the Aptus is designed to simulate and reflect the chosen settings, so if you shoot with a Portrait curve the image will look flatter than an image shot with a Product curve and the same goes for sharpening and colour

You can read more about it in the Leaf Capture User Guide which is available here (from page 72 onward)

Once again these are only tags and they can be changed post-capture. The only setting that is embedded is iso...

Hope this helps

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