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Author Topic: Alpa FPS  (Read 7680 times)


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Re: Alpa FPS
« Reply #20 on: December 09, 2012, 11:07:47 AM »

Hi Julian

yes we can of course use Arca Plates too. What the HCam-B1v actually is: there is a 120x120mm size hole on the front. onto this we can mount any original plate holders,
in case someone wants this recessed, we can also do this. Every HCam is custom built and made exactly like the customer needs it. e.g. there are small things that make life easier:
we use the same battery mount for the camera as you back has, so you only need one charger for both !

For shooting out of Hand, I would not recommend this, for some simple reasons:
if you want to use an 80 Mpix back with reliable sharpness (for each shot- Im not speaking of the lucky one out of ten when taking a deep breath and leaning on to something)
you will need something like a 1/500 sec, when you go tele (longer than twice the  image diagonal size) that should be 1/1000 sec.
Now with a standard base ISO of 35 (for best image results) to get these timings with lets say f8 you will need "A LOT" of light......... so Id say forget it.

What you will need is something like a D800E with a stabilized lens and maybe 400-800 ISO and then you can use this for a shot out of a heli.
As long as there is no comparable CMOS and image stabilization for MF just forget it.



Greetings from Germany
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Re: Alpa FPS
« Reply #21 on: December 09, 2012, 11:56:17 AM »

Well i am shooting now from helicopter, with a Mamiya/phase DM ,  without problems, ( with a P45+ at 50 asa), with the complete line of lenzes ( 300 mm and 200 and so on..) No problem, for the 300 mm you only need to attach a gyroscope :) , then i can go easy to 60th :p :p , it's only , thinking of making a "workers" camera bag, .. And now it's unhandy, 3 types of camera's, and so on.. should be more open.. That's why i liked the Sinar M, but it should be more open, like the Hcam ..

Brian Hirschfeld

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Re: Alpa FPS
« Reply #22 on: December 11, 2012, 03:10:38 PM »

Personally, I think the Hartblei Hcam and the ALPA FPS both have some strengths and weaknesses.....One thing I like about the FPS is that it is a shutter system which can be used with the existing ALPA 12 cameras where the Hartblei cannot.....But then the Hartblei uses PhaseOne batteries, which is a big boon for that system, at least for me shooting on an IQ back.....and the Hartblei also has a benefit in that the back doesn't have to be removed and a ground glass inserted for focusing (a la the sliding back)

I would also be interested to compare the Hartblei Hcam B1iv (which I believe is the most comparable to the ALPA FPS), a Copal Shutter, and the ALPA FPS to compare sharpness and vibration since the Hartblei and the FPS both use the same Mamiya focal plane shutter. However, they are both housed differently and dampened differently....
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