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Author Topic: The Profoto D1 Air & PhaseOne V-Grip Air Review | Burning Man Photos  (Read 5224 times)


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If you are all about simplifying photography gear without sacrificing quality, I have written this post for you! I also share, for the very first time, the first batch of my 2012 Burning Man family portraits shot with the PhaseOne 645DF with IQ 140 back, 55mm LS lens, V-Grip Air, and a Profoto D1 Air:

Back in August, I wrote my Einstein 640 vs Profoto D1 review and offered four tips to reducing gear on shoots. In this test, the Einstein 640 beat trumped the D1 1000 w/s unit. I did this to research the best lighting tool to bring with me in harsh shooting conditions like Burning Man. However, I wonít say the same about the lightweight contender, the Profoto D1 250 which has now become my go-to strobe of choice. Itís part of a system that makes sense, which is why Iím proud to introduce go-to weapons of choice: The PhaseOne 645DF and IQ 140 w/V-Grip Air paired with a Profoto D1 Air 250 W/S monolight. Killer combo! Take home thoughts for the setup: simple, fast, easy. It just works.

The most daunting technical issue on shooting a wedding or portrait with strobes is troubleshooting when things go wrong. Not if, but when; it always happens when we least expect. Thatís when I usually pull out of my back-pocket a few improv comedy one-liners or choose to shoot ďavailable light.Ē I love shooting in inclement weather, but this left-brain troubleshooting vs right-brain creative crossover hurts my brain when survival is at stake. My brain wasnít created with the ability to multitask well. About 95% of males experience the same, which is why their wives can expect them to either come home to kids that are bathed or fed. Not both.

Image quality with the IQ 140 is simply the best sensor on the market for wedding and portrait photographers, hands down. The 645 DF is built like a tank, no different than the Profoto strobe. However, the gem behind this system relies on the integration of Profoto Air Sync, a perfect marriage in wireless strobe technology. The Profoto Air Sync simplifies the process for triggering studio strobes. With the system, you can kiss sync cords good-by, along with all the AA batteries and buttons with Pocketwizards. Itís a perfect pairing.

What is the benefit of such an integrated system?

Click on this link to view the article.
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Re: The Profoto D1 Air & PhaseOne V-Grip Air Review | Burning Man Photos
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cool write up, thanks
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