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Author Topic: Gallery wraps with Perfect Resize in LR4 - brain freeze!  (Read 1704 times)


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Gallery wraps with Perfect Resize in LR4 - brain freeze!
« on: November 17, 2012, 05:51:14 PM »

I have having trouble getting my wee brain around this. As I understand it, one of the great benefits of LR printing is that a given image does not need to have a specific physical size associated with it. You can take the same image and print it at different physical sizes simply by setting the size in the print module, and LR automatically takes care of the rest.

But, it seems to me that creating the "wrap" edges for a gallery wrap is dependent on a specific print size (inches). Say I want my print to be 20 x 24 inch with 2 inch reflected borders for wrapping. The final print will then be 24 x 28 inches, right? It needs to be exactly that or the gallery wrap borders won't be the required 2 inches.

How do I manage this? Other than having a specific printing preset for every situation? 
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Re: Gallery wraps with Perfect Resize in LR4 - brain freeze!
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2012, 08:53:12 PM »

I use the gallery wrap function and it works well. You are right, you have to have the image the correct size for the stretcher bars. I determine the stretcher bar sizes that I want to use. Then from LR I export to PS. If the image is not the same aspect ratio as the stretcher bars, I crop setting the correct aspect ratio in the options bar at the top. Then open Perfect Resize from PS. In the resize part of the program I resize so that it matches the stretcher bars and is at the correct dpi. Then run the gallery wrap function.

I go a little further to make life easier when stretching. In PS, after the image comes back from Perfect Resize, I add 1/4" to the canvas size all around. The image size stays the same but the canvas is enlarged. I select all and add a black stroke to give me trim lines. Then using Guide Guide (a free action) I add guide lines matching the wrap that I used. If I have a 2" wrap, I set the guide lines to come in 2 1/4" (allowing for the canvas resize). This gives me guide line which are exactly on the  boundary between the image and wrap. You can do this by eye but this is precise.

Using the guides and snap, I draw black tick marks on the 1/4" outer portion of the canvas with the pencil tool. There will be eight tick marks.

After the canvas is printed, I trim to the canvas size. Then with scissors I nip into the 1/4" area. Turn the canvas over and with a long straight edge butted up to the nips in the canvas, draw a pencil line. This give me a rectangle on the back of the canvas which matches the image size on the front. Set the assembled stretcher bars so that it matches the rectangle, then stretch.

No light table so this is the way I ensure that the canvas is positioned correctly to the stretcher bars. Not a production method but for the few that I do, it works well.

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