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Author Topic: I have Questions about expired epson ink.  (Read 6542 times)


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Re: I have Questions about expired epson ink.
« Reply #20 on: November 18, 2012, 09:20:29 AM »

Have been using old and expired inks in two 2400 printers without problems. Oldest we are talking 2007 and the printer is working fine. Epson tech guys tell me I shouldn't use it - but taken aside say as long as the printer is working I'll probably get 90%+ of the full benefit compared to fresh cartridges. But, if I get clogs from old inks they won't service under warranty.(as if I still have a warranty left on these older printers)

Have found from experience that Epson inks for the 2400 can be frozen without any problems. This came about as UPS delivered them, left them in the back of the pickup outside and forgot to leave a notice on my door. Temps when they delivered were 20 below zero and the next two nights before I found them in the camper were around 40 below zero(farenheit). Called the Epson tech guys and they told me NO PROBLEMS from freezing. Just thaw at room temp and they would work fine. I did so and the cartridges printed without problems.

Appears some of the inks work fine when old - but the finest output is with fresh products - tho in side by side prints from the two 2400 printers on same image/same paper I and friends who look at them can't see any difference.

With a newer printer and warranty coverage - I doubt I would take the chance.

If you check, I have inks for the 2400 for sale, the same inks I have been printing with. So, somewhat self serving - but my experience with them is that they have been working for me. Upgraded to two new printers and the old 2400's are retired now so I don't have a use for the inks.
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