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Author Topic: To all Landscape Photograher. I have a question  (Read 8757 times)

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Re: To all Landscape Photograher. I have a question
« Reply #20 on: March 31, 2013, 11:59:50 PM »

Some of is written here I would agree, but most not.  I make my living shooting landscape photography but almost all of my living comes from selling exhibition images.

So to answer your question, YES I do make drawings of things I see and want to see in a composition that I will see eventually in the landscape.  I also use framing cards,  It may takes some time before you find it even if go back time after time to find your shots.  For instance I go back every year to the easy coast to shoot fall.  But it took me 7 years before I found one of my drawings.  And when I saw it hit me like a rock.  I drew it as an oak tree with the background but found it as a pine tree.  I shoot very little images but make them count.  If you don't know what your looking for you will always have a hard time shooting great images.  Its not that you have to shoot only what you draw, but it gives you a very good reference to (excuse the pun) draw from and sometimes you will see many part of your drawings in many different scenes you would not have thought about.  Envision what you want to see and it will appear!

Everything you see, everybody you meet, every piece of art should influence you.  BY the way, my friend John Paul also draws his images out.  Tim
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