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Author Topic: Questions about Kolo albums / portfolios  (Read 1073 times)

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Questions about Kolo albums / portfolios
« on: October 19, 2012, 03:03:39 PM »

Although I have printed and framed/displayed many of my photos, this is my first crack at assembling a portfolio.

I bought my first Kolo album yesterday, along with 10 extra inserts and photo corners. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I just grabbed a black one that said 11" x 14". However, later that evening after I was looking at it at home, I realized that 11" x 14" refers to the overall dimensions of the album, and not the available space on the actual pages/inserts. These are more like 11" x 12". Not a deal-killer for me, but I thought it was a bit odd.

Anyway, my images are grayscale, and will be printed on a Canon K3 printer. I don't remember the model (it's probably the largest one), but I work with a local printer, who does a great job. I have a few questions about inserting the photos and making this portfolio look good: 

- What is the best way to insert the photos into the corners? Fasten two down (i.e., both on the left or top), insert the photo, and then fasten the other two down? One at a time?

- In addition to the corners, should the photo itself be mounted/glued to the page? If so, how does this work, and what type of glue should be used?

- If no glue is used, how can one make sure the prints lie flat and don't buckle after being placed in the album? Would it be advisable to stack them under a weight for a while to flatten them before inserting them into the album?

- I am planning on inserting photos on only one side of every page so that as the album is lying open, the left side is blank (or possibly has a small legend) and the right has the photo. I think this looks better than having photos back to back. Are there any issues with doing it this way?

- Are there any types of paper to avoid for use in albums?
Thanks. Any other advice to a first time Kolo user would be appreciated. I'm taking this portfolio around to various galleries.

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