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Author Topic: new Aptina 1" sensor: 4K read-out at 60fps, etc. Less aliasing/moiré?  (Read 1090 times)


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Aptina has announced a new 1" format sensor, model AR1011HS, probably a close relative of those used in Nikon One cameras. What strikes me is that it has the ability to output its full resolution at 60fps, so it can offer video at quad HD 3840x2160 (close enough to 4K) at up to 60fps, and can also do 1920x1080p60 by reading out all photo-sites and then down-converting, rather than needing to skip lines.

Is this the direction that still/video combo sensors will go to reduce aliasing problems in their video output? It seems to favor sensors of somewhat lower total pixel counts like 10-12MP and somewhat smaller sensors, since that 10-12MP still resolution is enough for up to 4K video resolution, without the extra burden of reading even more pixels and then downsampling, and the smaller sensors seem to allow highr data rates due to the shorter signal paths.

So maybe the smaller CSC formats like Nikon One will be particularly well-suited for those who seek a balance of stills quality, video quality, and interchangeable lenses in a relatively small, light kit.

Here is the AR1011HS flyer, via DPReview since it is not yet on Aptina's own website, which only has the press release.
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