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I live in a c-stand fort.

« on: October 12, 2012, 06:01:36 PM »

thinning things out... 

Sinar p2 fuly geared standard (front or rear)  $440

Hood Mask 2 $149

Standard base rod with caps $99

AA front to back cable $55

AA bayonet for fb cable $55

AA shutter to flash (mini jack) sync cable $45

43h/54h/54s Hasselbald cw/cxi winder cable $45

43h/54h/54s Hasselblad El cable $35

4x5 ground glass with holder $89

Wide bellows $79

Bellow hood clips (set of 2)  $22

Bellow rod long $14

Bellow rod med $11

Bellow rod short $9

Multipurpose standard  $99

M shutter to P2/p3 adapter $99

Rail clamp type 2 $189

pm or email onelaneroad@gmail.com

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