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Author Topic: Color target definition file (IS12642 format) - What's the control field?  (Read 1066 times)


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Deep technical alert!

Trying to profile my scanner using custom scanner targets.  I know I might not get anywhere special with this project, but I'm hoping to, and I like learning and tinkering.  I spend enough time color correcting fine art scans that it's worth it (to me) to invest time in this.

I wrote a program that created a CGATS definition file with RGB_R/RGB_G/RGB_B values, that has a much wider coverage than the IT8 chart I have.

i1Profiler correctly took this CGATS definition file, and created TIFF images of targets.  (i1Profiler intended for them to be printer targets, but I'm not using them that way.)

I printed them without color management, and scanned them using various scanner settings.  Then, I scanned them using i1Profiler and my i1 Photo Pro 2, using the measure chart option -- to create a CGATS reference file with the true measurements of the patches, since obviously the printed targets won't match the original CGATS definition file.

I'm using a few scanner profiling software packages, and some are taking the TIFF scan and the CGATS reference file.  I'm trying out basICColor input, which I like because it's able to use multiple targets in creating one profile.

basICColor input wants both the definition and reference files.  It takes my reference file, but is upset with my definition file.  Besides having to change its label from CGATS to IS12642, I've narrowed it down to that it needs a CONTROL data column, which appears to be able to have values I/N/PC/PM/PY/PR/PG/PB/GB.  I'm guessing that's (I)gnore, (N)ormal, (G)ray (B)alance, and ???...  The GB fields are near gray, but not pure gray.  I thought the P(C/M/Y/R/G/B) fields might mean something like (P)ure (R)ed, however one of the working definition files that comes with basICColor input has RGB values 164/29/30 for PR, which isn't pure red...

Anyone know what the heck the control data column is, and how to create it, so I don't have to buy the $89 ISO IS12642 format specification PDF?

EDIT: I have tried saving the patch set in i1Profiler after importing my CGATS definition file, and it only saves in .PXF / .CXF, which is in XML format, but still doesn't have "control".
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