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Author Topic: Workflow Using the DNG Flat Field Plugin  (Read 1505 times)


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Workflow Using the DNG Flat Field Plugin
« on: October 05, 2012, 06:45:48 AM »

 I think that this plugin will be great news for me but I'm away from home and my Leaf back to test so thought I'd ask the most knowledgable people on the interweb!

I have been shooting with a Leaf Aptus II 7 with compressed MOS files which I then have to process with C1 as the lens casts from my Arca Swiss tech camera are horrific and I need its LCC option. I've never fallen in love with C1 and would much prefer to use a Lightroom/Photoshop workflow.

Can I check my understanding please?: if I change to shooting uncompressed MOS files, these can be read in Lightroom. I can convert to DNG on import and apply the Flat Field plugin and then export (with the lens casts corrected) and finesse in Photoshop as usual?
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