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Author Topic: Photokina 2012 - Zeiss 55/1.4  (Read 8190 times)


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Re: Photokina 2012 - Zeiss 55/1.4
« Reply #20 on: September 24, 2012, 08:48:21 PM »

and on the other side the Nikkor 1,4G 50mm ( 300 euro) -it is sharp corner to corner at d8, but i do not like the coating - why don't they make a decent 50mm lens? as they make a very nice 85mm?

They used to have 3 version of the 50mm, the cheapo f1.8, the generic 1.4 and the high grade f1.2.

I am still expecting them to release a new 50mm f1.2 with uber performance but it seems that Nikon is still recovering from the Thai flooding and Tohoku earthquake, I guess many projects were significantly delayed because of those 2 events. I makes the recent releases all the more amazing when you think that most of their production capacity was down less than one year ago...

A few images online here!
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