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Author Topic: 28-300 mm lens on Canon 5d MKIII?  (Read 696 times)
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« on: September 12, 2012, 05:00:24 PM »

Hi all!

Don't shoot me right away for posting such a topic here, but I would rather ask here than on the bigger forums.
I am a Canon shooter and have a 5dMkIII, but getting incerasingly fascinated of the the Nikon 28-300 lens, that a few more or less famous photographers/bloggers are writing about. Would switching to Nikon just because of that lens be a good idea (no need to answer this one  Grin )?
Yes, I know the 28-300 from Nikon is not perfect, but it seems good enough for many to actually make it their main lens in certain situations.

So, while being aware of the third party options I have for my Canon body from Tamron and others (the Canon 28-300L is not meant for me - push pull does not do it for me), I would be glad to learn what people around here would have to say. Does anyone of you use a lens like that on a Canon body? Is the quality acceptable? How does it compare to the Nikon setup?

I actually got a OM-D with a 14-150mm lens a while ago and absolutely love that setup. To have something similar for my full-frame setup would be amazing. And when absolute quality is needed, I would still use different glass, of course.

Thanks for your insights in advance,

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