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Author Topic: Sony RX1 discussion  (Read 26387 times)
adrian tyler
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Quote from: adrian tyler on December 25, 2012, 10:19:59 AM
i picked up a used voightlander 35mm viewfinder and coupled with the camera it reminds me very much of using the leica m3.

Come on... 

oops, sorry, meant to say linhof technika with 110xl, custom cam and multiviewfinder, but a tad lighter... Grin
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Another camera frustratingly close to ideal to seriously take over some duties I still use a dslr for. If it had a good evf and interchangable lenses I would have swollowed the price, sony's on-chip phase detect af would have been nice too.

Yes, Mark, I agree with you. Just misses the mark for me. I suppose I'll have to wait for an NEX FF.

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