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Author Topic: Ordering Sigma DP2 Merrill accessories from Sigma for USA  (Read 1612 times)


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Ordering Sigma DP2 Merrill accessories from Sigma for USA
« on: September 04, 2012, 05:19:22 PM »

Michael notes in his review that he had to purchase a lens hood from Japanese E-Bay.  As of today (Tue 4 September 2012), B&H does not carry any of the accessories for the DP2Merrill and cannot get them (I called to confirm) though they do have the accessories for the DP2.  According to Sigma technical support, the DP2 (not Merrill) accessories may not be compatible with the DP2Merrill -- the technician told be this was almost certainly the case for the lens hood and the close-up lens, and almost certainly NOT the case for the VF.

All of these parts can be ordered from Sigma for delivery to the US.  Sigma will direct you to order from their web page ( ), but the parts for the DP2Merrill are not listed there.  I was able to order parts by calling Sigma at 800-896-6858, and explaining what I wanted.

The prices for the DP2Merrill accessories are more expensive than for the DP2 accessories.  The VF is $200 (all prices US) -- same as the DP2 (but $150 at B&H), the hood is $40 (vs. $20; $15 at B&H) and the close-up lens is $150 (vs. $125; not listed on B&H).

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