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Author Topic: LR4 and Hasselblad Files (fff)  (Read 698 times)

Rob Palmer

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LR4 and Hasselblad Files (fff)
« on: September 03, 2012, 09:17:12 PM »

Has anyone begun trying to export Hasselblad files from LR4? I'm still shooting tethered with Phocus but in the hope that the tethered option soon becomes available for Blad cameras in Lightroom, I have tried a few sample exports from Lightroom with the RAW Blad files (fff) with very average results.

The files process very flat with no guts in them at all. Canon files of the same scene process really well but the Blad files don't even compare. When the same files process through Phocus they look excellent. I really want to get all my processing under one roof and also utilise the extra features of Lightroom but i just can't get the results just yet.

Has anyone had a better experience than me?

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