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Author Topic: 5D Mk III Import  (Read 3966 times)
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« on: August 23, 2012, 10:32:52 AM »

I've just made the move from Lightroom to Capture One and I'm having difficulty straight off the bat. I'm sure I would be able to connect the camera via cable and import directly like Lightroom. It's however become a frustrating task in Capture One, I connect the camera and Capture One recognises it. I'm even able to use the "Capture Image from Camera" function and it fires the shutter and views the image seamlessly.

I move into import and I can't find my camera in "Location". It's not viewable anywhere within the program assumeing I'm going about the it the right way but I can't see anything else to suggest otherwise. I can only view folders within the import search directory and I can't see the camera listed. I've looked around the interface and tried reconnecting the camera but I haven't had any changes.


I've found that when I move from"Library" to "Capture" I can then select my camera from the drop down and have various dialoge boxes like Format, ISO, Balance etc. I still however can't import images.
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Capture One does not have the ability to import via a USB cable to the camera. Attaching the USB cable will tether the camera, not connect it as a storage device.

You will need to remove the CF card from the camera and place it in a CF card reader.

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