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Author Topic: Fuji 617 lens equivalent on pano 35mm  (Read 1339 times)


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Fuji 617 lens equivalent on pano 35mm
« on: August 11, 2012, 06:56:26 PM »

I am still toying with this whole concept of working out what lens is equivalent in each format  I have used the Radian formula and the simple ratio one here are the results for the ratio one, not the radian.

617   pano 35mmx2 FF 35mm   canon 7D
sensor mm    170    72    36.00 22.30
Lens FL    2.36    4.72 3.23
72    30.49    15.25 22.30
90    38.12    19.06    27.88
105    44.47 22.24    32.52
180    76.24    38.12 55.75
300    127.06 63.53    92.92

I am using pentax 67 lenses on the front of the 35mm camera and moving the camera a total of 22mm in each direction to achieve a single stitch of 2 x 36mm FF sensors so for example i have a 45mm pentax67 lens which sits on my rig and i stitch 2 images and achieve a 3:1 ratio image with the 22mm shift either side of centre. I have tried formula but not sure how the the fact the lenses are pentax67 as opposed to 35mm lenses that it might affect the formula or calculations.

What I am trying to determine for each of my lenses, PENTAX67- 45,105,165 and 300 what size eye piece in 617 world do i buy for each of these lenses and even if one exists.

Thinking in terms of Fuji 617 with its 105 lens and viewfinder - what is the equivalent 35mm or canon 7D lens to achieve that according to above would be a 22mm on FF or 32mm on 7D ??? with my pentax67 to 35mm rig it would be near the 45mm lens ????

is there a formula ? amI fully crazy ?

thanks to the smart guys on the Forum. I think this has been covered in part but the way I wanted it explained.

I basically want to say using my 2x36mm sensor on a 3:1 stitch you need an XX mm lens on a FF 35mm to get equivalent field of view

Does any of this make sense.

The other way of asking the same question is to say if I have a pentax67 45mm lens and use it in front of a 35mm digital camera to stick two images together i.e. a 72x24mm image on the sensor, what is the equivalent 35mm LENS that needs to be used to get the same field of view across the width and what one on the 7D ?

Thanks guys, this has been bugging me for ages and I want o purchase a viewfinder for a 617, not sure which one for each of the 45,105,165,300 lenses

Just so i can walk around looking like a film director with my viewing scope !!!!


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Re: Fuji 617 lens equivalent on pano 35mm
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2012, 11:11:16 PM »

You can do this simply by comparing the ratio of the focal length to the image diagonal. If the ratio is the same between formats, then you have a simple equivalent.
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