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Author Topic: Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin - Reds Quite Brown  (Read 703 times)


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Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin - Reds Quite Brown
« on: July 07, 2012, 03:15:29 AM »

I've always used Breathing Color products, but am trying some Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin due to their Crystalline canvas (satin) being AWOL.

I've tried both the matte and photo blacks, and am liking the matte black output better.  The image I'm trying to print has a lot of dark reds in it.  Using the stock Epson profile, these reds like LAB 38/61/39 and 34/55/36 are coming out quite brown.  (EDIT: vs my soft proof shown on my calibrated monitor, with simulate paper color on.)

My initial thought is that the stock profiles suck.  Breathing Color's stock profiles have been almost identical to custom profiles, but is that not the case here?

If the stock profile sucks, can anyone share an Epson 9900 custom profile for the Exhibition Canvas Satin?  I know it wouldn't match my exact printer, but maybe it would make it better during my testing phase.  My Epson dealer gave me 10 feet or so to play with.

Or, can this canvas just not handle deep reds, despite what the gamut space says?
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