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Author Topic: For Chris: Status of Panasonic AF101  (Read 1460 times)


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For Chris: Status of Panasonic AF101
« on: July 02, 2012, 04:22:28 PM »

Hi Chris.

Do you still use Panasonic AF101 for filming at LL ? What do you think of it today with your experience?
Still a great camera for the money or..? 


Chris Sanderson

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Re: For Chris: Status of Panasonic AF101
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2012, 07:55:52 PM »

Yes, we use 2 x AF100 & 2 x GH2.

The AF 100 is a really good video camera that allows us to use all the lenses that go on the GH2 - which pretty much means any lens you want, since adapters to the m4/3 mount are available for most all other lens mounts.

I borrow Michael's fast Leica lenses for our shoots and use other fast Voigtlander & Olympus lenses to allow us to shoot in mostly available light.

Interestingly, the quality of the video from the GH2 (unhacked) is higher from that of the AF100 but of course shooting video with almost any stills camera is an exercise in - shall we say - patience.

At this point, unless we were to go to a RED product, I would not change cameras for our use: download HD.
Christopher Sanderson
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