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Author Topic: LR4 Making New Collection: Options  (Read 636 times)
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Say I have 5 different folders over 3 drives that contain pictures exhibited at a certain gallery over the years.  I navigate to one of these folders, select all the thumbnails in the folder, go to Library>New Collection.

The resulting dialog box offers the options of:  1) Include Selected Photos, and, 2) Make New Virtual Photos.  Both can be checked simultaneously.  What are the differences using 1, 2, and 1 + 2?  What happens when I navigate to the next folder with my pix? Do I just select and drag them into the new collection in the left panel?

If I then go to the new collection and work on one of the images, would I be working on an original image?  If I then edited it in Photoshop and saved it under a new name would it be saved into the original folder?  Would it be in the collection as well?
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