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Author Topic: Develop vs. Library previews with certain images  (Read 603 times)


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Develop vs. Library previews with certain images
« on: June 12, 2012, 11:27:48 AM »

For the last week or so I'm noticing that images which contain alot of orange will lose some saturation and take on a reddish hue when moving from Develop to Library in LR 4.1.  If I export to CS5 for further editing they look as they do in Develop.  If I export them as Tiffs from Library to wherever they retain the look they had in Library.

If I compare Develop and Library previews of images in 4.1 that had been processed in earlier LR versions I am not seeing a difference in appearance between the two modules

I'm not noticing this difference with images in which oranges and reds are not the predominant color.

I realize that the Develop and Library previews are in a different color space but I have never seen this before with earlier versions of LR and it seems odd that it is happening only with certain colors.

Running 4.1 on dual core iMac with 27 inch screen, regularly calibrated with Spyder 3.

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