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Author Topic: Almost there now it's making choices. any advice - Buying Linhof techno & Lenses  (Read 9947 times)


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  • Gareth Walker

i mean , if the camera is the best choice for what is wanted, the "dealing" with a sales rep is only futile problem...

Mmm, interesting perspective, especially if you ever developed a problem. ;)

Just thought it was important to inform you of the amazing level of support on offer if you were to choose an Arca camera rather than the negative, unfounded comment above.

If that's of no concern, then fine.
trying to think of something meaningful........ Err?

Kevin Sink

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    • Kevin Sink Photography

I have the Rodenstock 32mm, using on an ARCA Rm3di.  Amazing lens.  Has the expected vignetting and sharpness fall off, but with LCC's the former disappears.  What is most remarkable is it's insane sharpness AND very little if any chromatic aberration.  What CA does show up (branches against sky) is easily & effectively eliminated in C1.  Couldn't be happier with the lens.  The price only hurts once.

Kevin Sink Photography


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fwiw I sold my 'pancake' gear to get back to a more practical camera as a friend of mine also has a techno. I liked it. It immensely improves upon my previous view camera. If you are worried about flexibility and want proper on axis tilts then forget the pancake bodies, they tend to tilt in very odd places. You might want to stuff an old petzval on there and shoot a flower, or maybe use the 40HR to shoot a building and then some abstracts without taking the camera apart in the field. It can all be done with no extra expensive bits. Everything you want to do with pancakes is $ (sorry I should say $,$$$). If you're an opportunist and are used to a field/view camera then the pancake tech cameras can frustrate the nuts off an oak tree. You'll find you're always limited despite having a bag full of expensive bits to lose. And there's nothing wrong with a view camera requiring a little skill to operate! You can always buy the lens version mounted in it's helical, it's rodenstock and schneider that make the helicals not the pancake makers. Sorry but I feel those pancake bodies add little to the equation, they're solid yes, but it's the lenses and backs where all the magic happens.

Had a 40HR before and will also get this lens again, it's a stunner, I loved it. I very much like normal lenses but found the 40 took over from my 90 before. Will also get the new 120 ASPH but want to wait before getting anything in the middle, if at all.


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Ok guys, thanks for all your hulp,

and after photokina, i bought a Arca swiss Rm3di, because frankly, for me they were the best..

It's a pancake camera "one can use" with a sliding back and a elecotronic focus assist linked to your lens.  ( Alpa's quality is also wonderful quality to but i simply can't use them without sliding back) ... 
+ i can use the same lenses when i buy a normal TC for the studio..  so i orderd it

And linhof, well i still love the techno but they simply didn't get me sold to it.. i saw to much flaws..

just to let you guys know:)

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