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Author Topic: Recommendations for Darkroom printing courses in the UK  (Read 3081 times)


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Recommendations for Darkroom printing courses in the UK
« on: March 21, 2012, 06:22:00 AM »

Good day LuLa,

I consider myself an enthusiastic intermediate photographer. I made a move to traditional film photography about 2 years ago working with 6X7 medium format. I develop my own B&W film at home and then scan them in and apply digital techniques.

I bought an enlarger (jobo) with lenses for 35mm and medium format, all the chemicals. Based on the quality of the negatives I have, I set up a darkroom from time to time to do some print developing. I find this process to be a very steep and variable learning curve. As a result of this I try to use the same camera, film and chemicals in order to try and standardize my workflow so that I can effectively troubleshoot my darkroom challenges.

I have come close to achieving satisfactory results in the darkroom, but to tell you the truth I am overwhelmed by the variable nature of the end-to-end process. I see now that the entire process from the film that you use, the camera settings, the light, the film developing and the final printing are all variable. It fascinates me and I am determined to learn and gain some control of the craft.

I would love to find a worthy course where I can do this under instruction and learn a few tips and techniques. I live in Switzerland but would prefer a course in English so I'll travel to the UK (preferably London).

Can anyone recommend a darkroom printing course in London or a school that might have such a course on their itinerary.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


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