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Author Topic: LR4 printing color output problems: RAW vs. JPEG (or 14-bit vs. 8-bit?)  (Read 804 times)


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Hey everyone,

I am using LR4 (the final version) and my printed images from my 12-bit and 14-bit NEF raw files look good, but when I print with an 8-bit JPEG or an 8-bit PSD file with the same profile and settings, they look terrible - overall they are darker and slightly more magenta. I tested checking and unchecking 16-bit mode in the LR4 Print module and in the Epson 3880 printer settings, but that didn't affect anything. Any clue what's going wrong?

Another weird thing: when I print a contact sheet of mostly NEFs but that also includes one or two 8-bit images, all of the images in the contact sheet (even the NEFs) look dark. Other times all of the images in the contact sheet look good, including the 8-bit images. I haven't been able to figure out why yet...

I'd appreciate any input. Ask me anything.
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