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Author Topic: Fuji X-Pro 1  (Read 11752 times)
« Reply #60 on: March 13, 2012, 11:10:10 AM »

I could. But I see where this is going. You have already come to a conclusion, and no facts will prove otherwise. This is one of those no-win situations where if you disagree with the tests, challenge the tester. This is how you have operated in the past.

Um, no.   I haven't come to any conclusions ... you have ... and you should be able to explain exactly how you arrived at that conclusion since you claim to have done the testing.

So far, you haven't showed ANY evidence or facts.

You've made unsupported claims, I questioned them and you have (so far) failed to back those claims up with any facts or evidence.

The fact that the histogram isn't a perfect guide to RAW clipping is true ... but irrelevant.   This is the case with all cameras today.  That doesn't mean you can't increase SNR with proper ETTR ... it just means you need to understand how to properly ETTR with the knowledge that the histogram is a crude guide ... but that's the same with my Nikon as my Panasonic.  

You have claimed that there is something special happening with Panasonic and Olympus cameras due to different kinds of green sensels.  

Prove it.

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« Reply #61 on: March 13, 2012, 12:48:10 PM »

In your conversations with manufacturers, have they ever said or hinted at why they have not or will not adopt DNG?

I guess it then will limit their innovations:

1) case in point = Panasonic, software optics correction and the time it took Adobe to provide a new version of DNG to accomodate that.... so should Panasonic wait for Adobe ? should Panasonic try to put the necessary information into some tag where all proprietary information from manufacturer is stored as one big binary chunk of data ? should Panasonic disclose their development to a 3rd party (Adobe) if they were trying to keep that in secret ?

2) case in point = Foveon raw files - Adobe still do not store the information natively (for how many years no proper support ?)


who adopted DNG really among companies w/ marketshare > 0.0x % ?

1) Pentax
2) Ricoh
3) Samsung
4) Leica (for cameras that are not rebranded Panasonic's)


what happened now ?

1) Samsung dropped DNG support after they stopped rebranding dSLRs developer by Pentax
2) Ricoh purchased Pentax - you have one company instead of 2 now
3) Leica still uses it (for cameras that are not rebranded Panasonic's)


neither are actually innovating anything just using 3rd party sensors... companies that do design/make their own sensors are not going to be bound by a standard (Samsung's move, as their do their own sensors, is a perfect example - once they were no longer using based Pentax designs, where DNG was inherited, they dropped DNG immediately)

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What I will want to know is how is the manual focus with the M mount adapter. If I end up with this camera ( Likely! )I will to start with Fuji X to Canon FD as I have a bunch of orphaned glass I wouldn't mined trying on it. As I will have a range of glass that will take some time for them to put out and it's payed for. Thoughts. My first post thanks.
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Image66 ... New thread so we don't have to hijack the Fuji discussion to explore your theories.
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