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Author Topic: Beware of nature photo workshop offerings  (Read 1910 times)


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Beware of nature photo workshop offerings
« on: March 08, 2012, 11:09:14 AM »

Hi there,

Just wanted to give all nature photographers, especially those based in the UK, a heads up about a company called GR8Studio, running through This company is purporting to offer nature and landscape photography workshops to many European locations, but they have ripped off the entire content of their website, including photos, from a legitimate workshop company, Tatra Photography.

GR8Studio basically lifted all the information and photographs for all of their workshops, and even had the audacity to then offer the workshops at heavily discounted prices via the daily deals companies, KGB Deals and, currently with Gumtree Daily Deals. KGB Deals were contacted to point out that this was a scam offer and duly  removed the deal. Gumtree have also been contacted.

This did not stop GR8Studio from directly contacting the people who had signed up to the KGB Deal offer to try to get them to pay them directly instead.

You can see some of the comments from people who were contacted by GR8Studio on Outdoor Photography magazine's Facebook page here:

They also lifted pretty much all of the rest of their website from other photography companies, too. They only started in business in the middle of February 2012, and the photographer linked to the landscape and nature photo workshops, Hipolt Terpinski, is, as far as we can work out, a newbie fashion and product photographer... he even gave an interview where he said how much he disliked location work and mud!

I strongly advise people not to deal with GR8Studio at any level. As far as we can ascertain, they do not have any bonding protection, such as ATOL, in place, at the very least, which means they are not legally allowed to offer package holidays that include flights and accommodation.


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