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Author Topic: Notebook Screens  (Read 729 times)

Rob C

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Notebook Screens
« on: March 07, 2012, 02:09:48 PM »


I was given a notebook (Advent 4211-B) some years ago, which was filled up with books. Once these were read, I seldom looked at the thing again. However, with the coming of the tablet things, I realised that the little computer might have a second life after all, as a mobile photo-album, a portable means of showing off my website at particular times.

With that in mind, I installed the CD that came with my LaCie monitor's Blue Eye Pro calibration device/puck (used with a completely different computer), hoping to be able to do something to make the tiny notebook screen look closer to the reality of the LaCie. Whilst the CD was installed without glitches, it didn't appear to be able to do anything at all! I think it said there was no monitor connected...

Would that imply that the notebook's own screen isn't considered a monitor by the LaCie software? Or am I missing something far more basic?

Rob C
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