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Author Topic: MFT lens feedback: Anyone shot with 25mm Nokton .95 and Summilux 1.4??  (Read 2222 times)


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I understand the differences in features and specs, but I'm hoping for some subjective feedback from anyone who has some experience with both lenses. 
I shoot both video and stills and suspect I'd like Summilux better for stills given the lighter weight, AF and half the price.  1.4 is fast enough for me... but any downside to shooting video with that lens?    Any other observations?


Bern Caughey

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Haven't used the 25mm/1.4, but many of Panasonic's, & Olympus', m4/3 lenses that are fly-by-wire are a poor choice for video.

They have an odd behavior where the faster the focus ring is manipulated the more radically the focus changes. If you were to rotate the focus ring 45* quickly in one direction, then slowly back thru the same 45*, the focus will not be anywhere near where you started out.

As an all mechanical lens the Nokton's focus mechanism is linear so won't have this issue.

While I prefer AF for most stills applications, manual focus on the GH2 with all mechanical lenses only requires pushing a single button to engage focus-assist/image-magnification.

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The Voigtlander 25 mm f/0.95 is in my opinion the best native MFT lens available. Buy it, you won't regret it. The mechnical quality is top notch, the focus is smooth and manual (with stops). If you really want it purely for cine use consider getting the iris declicked by Duclos or similar (although I haven't bothered to do so with mine).

Wide open, the centre is fairly sharp but the lens has some signature aberrations (coma, specifically) which give it a very dreamy look, especially allied to the very shallow depth of field. It almost sees in the dark. Stop it down a bit and the whole lens get sharp, and by f/2.8 it is bitingly sharp across the whole frame.

I'm getting a RED Scarlet tomorrow, and the main thing I'll miss from shooting with my AF100 is the Nokton lens.

  Cheers, Hywel

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