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Author Topic: sync of catalogues with the same pictures inside  (Read 690 times)


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sync of catalogues with the same pictures inside
« on: March 04, 2012, 04:12:57 AM »


Here is my problem :
I edited pictures on a backup of my main catalogue, there is at least one full day of work, probably more.
I don't really know when i worked on the backup catalogue and when i worked on the main one (this is quite a huge catalogue and i probably switched a few times between both versions, due to different hard drives being connected, etc).

I'm desperately looking for a way to sync them, while keeping the most recent edit of each image (or creating virtual copies if it isn't possible), do you guys know how to do that? There is a lot of editing/tagging and littles stars at stake...

Thanks a lot


john beardsworth

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Re: sync of catalogues with the same pictures inside
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2012, 06:19:01 AM »

Make a backup of both catalogues - so if things do go really wrong, you can always go back.

Then in the backup catalogue, create a smart collection and use the Edit Date criterion. Maybe Edit Date / Is After / YYMMDD - change this date until you can see which images you have edited. In grid view, you can also sort this is Edit Date order. Maybe you will be able to identify when the problem happened? You could then select the problem images and do an Export as Catalog. Then, in your real catalogue, do a File > Import as Catalog and check the option for virtual copies. You would now be able to got through manually deciding which is correct, and deleting the outdated version. Also remember there is a command to Set Copy as Master which can be helpful if you want the virtual copy to be the one you keep.


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