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Author Topic: Joshua Tree Wildflowers  (Read 2082 times)


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Joshua Tree Wildflowers
« on: April 17, 2005, 07:49:26 AM »

Joshua Tree NP is quite a lot higher than DV, so the wildflowers here are just really kicking in now and not on the decline.  We're having the same experience as DV, with record breaking crowded roads and lack of camping spaces in the park.  The same flower caveats as DV apply for JT; it's a desert area and there's not the sort of dense carpets like wetter areas get some years.  However, there are indeed lots of flowers of several kinds happening in JT right now, and if you look around and find just the right perspective and tripod positioning you can get the dense carpet effect for at least a couple kinds of modest yellow flowers.  Apart from that there's lots and lots of nice clumps and patches of various kinds of flowers, often mixed in interesting ways and in interesting rocky settings.  You should plan on spending time hiking and exploring to find the best things, however.

I would have missed the record flower display in my own back yard (practically) if I had not pulled a muscle in my Sierra high altitude snow shooting/backpacking adventuring (stupid strenuous rock climbing move where no sane person would have ventured with a pack and showshoes!!).  I'm home recuperating and doing extensive daily JT NP photo exploring.  Wonders and marvels and just as fun (without the cold) as Sierra tripping.  I'm almost well enough to get back into backpacking, but I'll stay home for another month or so anyway.  There's snow in the mountains every year, but there won't be likely be another wildflower show in the desert like this any time soon and the cacti have not even started blooming here yet, but lots of buds ready to pop.  The yuccas are in a very beautiful stage of budding and should also be in full bloom in a couple of weeks.  The Joshua trees are in an "off" year and not happening at all.  There will be a good show continuing in JT NP for quite some time yet, so you should quit your job and not plan on looking for another one for a month or so.   :D
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