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Author Topic: Epson Exhibition Canvas Recommendations  (Read 38500 times)

Re: Epson Exhibition Canvas Recommendations
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Experience with 9900.  Update since last week:

1 -- Head strikes and edge curling seem to come with the territory with this canvas. ...

Head strikes continue, but much less severe or frequent since switching to second and third lots of paper.  Epson is replacing the first rolls, all of which had a reverse curl, resulting in frequent head strikes and rubbing.

2 -- ...Longitudinal stretching appears to vary with many of the other settings.  We plan to compensate in Photoshop once the other settings are nailed down.

No rhyme or reason to stretching -- as it turned out, Apple Software Update had down-dated the driver to 8.66, but re-updating to 8.68 made no difference.  Still testing.

3 -- Color and saturation are out of whack.  ...[We had hoped to use ImagePrint as well as the standard Epson driver and profile, but Colorbyte/Imageprint, despite tests with several samples, has been unable to obtain results consistent enough to produce a profile,  so none is available.]...

We're working on new profiles, although now reasonably happy with Epson's.  We're getting as good results as we were with Exhibition Canvas Matte, but still have no profile for ImagePrint.  Thanks to Andrew Rodney for looking at what we have and to bill t. for his suggestions.

4 -- We have yet to receive a shipment of any Epson canvas in which at least half the rolls did not have to be replaced.  The problem here is Epson's packaging, which just isn't up to the job of protecting rolls in transit.

This has been a continuing problem: more than 75% of rolls have arrived in damaged boxes -- in most cases the "protective" plastic end caps have been shattered.

Are others having similar problems with Epson packaging and deliveries?



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Re: Epson Exhibition Canvas Recommendations
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The link will take you to the Media section of the site, click on the Fine Art tab and scroll down to Exhibition Canvas Matte to locate the pdf.  There is also a video I did on how to stretch canvas that may be helpful.

Dan (Dano) Steinhardt
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My apologies if this question is redundant. What profile and settings are recommended for my elderly Epson 4800 and Epson Exhibition Canvas Gloss?

On the Epson profile website I see matte and satin recommendations for the 4880, but no gloss. I see matte, satin and gloss for the 4900, but no 4800. Perhaps its some version of the preceding two variations but I'd rather know a little more accurately before experimenting with expensive ink and paper.

Any help would be VERY much appreciated.
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