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Author Topic: Imageprint 9 and Epson R3000  (Read 1894 times)


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Imageprint 9 and Epson R3000
« on: January 10, 2012, 05:20:10 PM »

I sent a message to ColorByte support on whether the R3000 would be supported in imageprint 9 and received the following response:

"The R3000 is not currently on our development schedule, so I don't have any ETA on a possible driver.  We may support it, but I would not expect it for, at best, any less than 4 months, if and when we do add it.  Our developers are in the midst of a few other projects that need to be finished first."

Not very promising.  Bit of a bummer, and strange that they would not seek to support more recent printer models.  Thought I would pass on to others who may be wondering whether their R3000 (or other more recent model) would be supported.
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