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Author Topic: Up-res in Lightroom or Perfect Resize 7 (Geniune Fractals) and other questions?  (Read 14796 times)

Wayne Fox

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I've found that some of my larger pieces can't be resized to 720 dpi in Lightroom.  The job seems to execute, but produces blank output.

I've seen this as well.  If I try printing a large print from my IQ180 files or some of my stitched files at 720dpi from lightroom, I get a blank print.  I have to go back down to 360.

Doesn't happen often since not many files printed very large have enough resolution to be higher than 360 which may benefit from using 720 in LR, but has happened a couple of times.
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Mike Guilbault

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On what are you basing your statement about piracy? Was this info from Adobe? Sounds high.
No real source... other than myself, but I've met (and know) many photographers (through associations - professional and amateur, workshops, etc.) and its quite amazing how many pirated copies there are. And I did say "many", not a given number or even percentage. But if I personally know of many, I'm sure the number is much higher.
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