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Author Topic: photography in Alaska  (Read 1579 times)


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photography in Alaska
« on: December 22, 2011, 08:12:22 PM »

This summer, either in June or August, I am traveling to Alaska for a couple of weeks and would like an idea of the scenery for landscapes and also the accessibility of good spots for shooting. I am looking to do somewhat romantic images - not high contrast and gloss - but subdued - Smokey Mountains at sunrise - Rio de la Plata in fog.

Ths choices my wife and I are considering are 12 days rafting in the Gates of the Arctic National Park on the Kongakut River, or seven days camping in Turquoise Lake in Lake Clark National Park + 3 following camping days in Denali.

We would appreciate advice on photographic locations, these and any other that you can suggest.


Jon Meddings

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Re: photography in Alaska
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2011, 10:06:11 AM »

Sounds like a wonderful trip!  I can't offer any advice on location having not been there. However, in terms of timing I might favor late August if you have a choice. A couple of reasons for that. 

First summer solstice is June 21 and these will be the longest days/shortest nights. Even though next year is predicted to be very good for Northern Lights you will be hard pressed to see these in June - late August even in northern Canada (where I am) is a good time to start shooting the aurora. It gets dark enough to see it.  Also by late August I would expect that you could start seeing some fall colors up in Alaska - larches at the very least!

Just my 2 cents worth!


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Re: photography in Alaska
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2011, 10:46:50 AM »

In June the days are the longest (about 20 hours of light) and the voracious Alaskan mosquitoes are out. These things are HUGE and they will chase you through the woods. By August, the mosquitoes are gone, and days are shorter but it's still summer.

Denali is beautiful. From the park road, it's a very expansive landscape. The distances are great and long lens will allow some very unusual telephoto landscapes with flattened perspective and, most likely, some atmospheric haze and other effects. The attached photo is near polychrome pass with a 135mm lens on a Canon D60.

If you want to stay closer to urban areas, some time in the Matanuska-Susitna valley near Anchorage is well spent. The photo is the Little Susitna river in the Mat-Su valley.

Enjoy your trip.
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