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Author Topic: Lroom 3.5 crashing my mb pro  (Read 989 times)


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Lroom 3.5 crashing my mb pro
« on: November 08, 2011, 08:52:56 AM »

Hello, I have  a problem with LR 3.5 apparently causing my aging 2.16 core 2  intel MB pro to shut down.  I start up,  open Lroom after a minute computer shuts down, i thought it was possibly  a power cable problem at first, I was in a slight panic last night whilst this was happening and reverted back to LR 3.4 and that solved the immediate problem of computer closing down.   I have fortunately never had any problems  with Lroom upgrades in the past . I also noticed after upgrade that export took almost twice as long to convert a Nikon D3 nef to a full size jpeg,  it was  around 5-6 seconds now its pushing 13 seconds per file. This has now continued in the 3.4 version. I am wondering if  my computer is  gradually dying and or mixture of incompatible  with upgrade. Other programs InDes, Pshop appear to work ok,  Photo Mechanic runs possibly a little slower but nothing dramatic. Hard disc is 2 years old and under  half full 140 gb / 320 gb. Any ideas on how to proceed, other than a trip to the Apple store which I am trying  my best to put off.  Thanks  Adrian.
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