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Author Topic: Would a simpler Live View histogram be better?  (Read 673 times)


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Would a simpler Live View histogram be better?
« on: November 04, 2011, 04:49:58 PM »

"Being able to superimpose a histogram when shooting at eye level is a big win for serious workers." (Sony NEX-5n Field Review)

The Live View histogram on the Sony SLT-A55 seems much the same as on the pocket Sony W300, and I guess other Sony cameras (and I guess other DSLRs too).

Suddenly the idea has popped into my head that all that detail shown in the Live View histogram is mostly "noise" rather than "signal" - it seems to me that the histogram shows a lot of continually changing data rather than identifying and indicating key information.

I expect there's something really obvious I've missed but, in my very limited experience, all I really want to know from the Live View histogram is how badly the highlights are clipped and a quite general impression (before I take the photo) of how light or how dark. Is that the key information experienced photographers extract from a Live View histogram?

If that is the key information then I imagine simpler would be better - a smoothed moving average to give the general impression, and some easy-to-see indicator that plainly shows highlights are clipped (so I don't need to figure out if there's a small thin bar in the rightmost position of a continually changing histogram).
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