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Author Topic: Where's my folders?  (Read 657 times)


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Where's my folders?
« on: October 25, 2011, 09:25:25 PM »

OK, I know this topic has been talked about before, but it's not the same. First the info: Win 7/64. LR3.5/CS 5(ACR 6.5) on an internal SSD(C drive). On a seperate internal drive(D drive) I have image files(a folder with sub folders) that I import images into, and the LRcat and LR backups. I imported images from an NFL game on 9 OCT to the folder I have labled NFL(a sub folder) inside the folder labled images. The path was through LR (where you can choose a destination to import images) and had no problem doing so. This past sunday, I went to import images (from the game I shot earlier in the day) using the same way that I had 2 weeks earlier but while the drive was there, the "Images" folder was not available. Only the LRcat and LR Backups. I checked "Computer" and the D drive and all the folders were there. Why didn't it show up this last time? 
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