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Epson 3800 won't clean head

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I have been getting really bad nozzle check patterns which head cleaning will not improve.  Just ordered a new Ink Maintenance Tank.  Current one down to 5%.   Will that help the head cleansing?  Any tips for improving the need to clean the heads?  The printer is often turned off for more than a week.  Would it help to cover it?  I keep it closed up when not in use.

Thanks for your help, John

Wayne Fox:
No the maintenance tank will not help unless you are getting error messages that a cleaning cannot be done until you change it.  It's where all the ink goes to when you do a cleaning.

Have you tried a power clean?  Page 86 of the manual describes it...

If that doesn't work the last resort is puddle/head moistening with distilled water or windex.

We recently serviced an Epson and  despite all efforts, 2 nozzles could not be cleared.  Choice was head replacement, or new 3880.  Think they are going to buy a 7900 instead.


Soon after your post, a got a fair, not perfect, nozzle pattern after repeated power cleanings.  Made some prints that worked ok... thought I was back in business.  Now, after a week of the printer turned of, I again have more that 1/2 the heads not printing.  No improvement after 2+ power cleanings.

I'm curious puddle/head moistening.  Found one link on Ink Jet Art.com.  Is it much trouble on the 3800?  I not in the mood to buy a new printer.


multiple power cleanings, one after another (very) often do not have the desired results, other than burning through a lot of ink.  Better to wait an hour or three (this suggestion comes from an Epson technician).

My dealer said something similar.  Tried again this morning with one power clean after an overnight, no improvement.  Has anyone had their printer refurbished at an Epson service center.  I am within 10 miles of one.  I would be willing to spend a reasonable amount to get it working.



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