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Author Topic: The High Line, Grand Central, 5 Pointz, the Unisphere  (Read 2278 times)
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« on: August 06, 2011, 11:10:47 AM »

I recently spent a day in New York with my brother-in-law, first on The High Line, then we took the train to 5 Pointz Institute of Higher Burnin', the graffiti mecca in Queens, then back on the train to the old World Fair site at Flushing Meadows Park. It was 104 F.

After 4 visits to The High Line I think of it as The High Design's wonderful, but it leaves me cold:

We walked across Manhattan to Grand Central Terminal to catch the 7 train. Coming from London, where railway termini showcase Victorian engineering, I'm out of sympathy with Grand Central where form follows function only if the function is shopping. Not Grand Central:

I really enjoyed the train ride out of Manhattan and recommend the last carriage for the view back:

5 Pointz has an industrial feel thanks to the elevated train tracks. but could be grungier still for my taste. As I was shooting the graffiti I thought I was wasting my time just reproducing what was there, but I'm happier now that I've edited a few shots:

By contrast I was excited by the Unisphere at the 1964 World Fair site....dark clouds, strong sunlight, big, strange object....but failed to get anything special:

Close by the Unisphere is a kitsch sculpture - Rocket Thrower. The New York Times art critic described it as "the most lamentable monster, making Walt Disney look like Leonardo Da Vinci." Highly recommended:

Slideshow here:

Other suggestions for industrial/grungy/oddball sites in NYC?
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... As I was shooting the grafitti I thought I was wasting my time just reproducing what was there...

Check Eric Meola's painted walls in the article on this site from a few days ago.

Your "Not Grand Central" is quite interesting... might work even better in b&w.
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