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Author Topic: Silvestri with Nikon adaptor  (Read 598 times)


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Silvestri with Nikon adaptor
« on: June 29, 2011, 08:39:17 PM »

I am trying to get into the panoramic landscape and documentary photography on my travels. I am looking for a particular look, which is a kin to a 16x9 or a 6x17 or perhaps just two 35mm combined/stitched.

I have looked at teh digital backs and tried some cheap ones and I have decided to take advice from the forum and decided what I want to do then find the solution, rather than find a deal and decided how to justify to buy it.

So i stumbled upon the technical camera. The Silverstri seems to offer a great stepping stone to large format capture. Reason I am a Nikon user and its appears that I can buy the flexicam and start down a wonderfully slow but accurate digital capture.

So my questions are:
1. anyone used the Nikon cameras or Canon on the flexicam
2. can i use the slide /stitch back with the nikon adaptor
3. should i just get a 24mm shift lens on my D700 or D3s and forget the whole technical camera
4. Does the sivestri give me more than the Nikon alone.
5. I realise that I am buying into a system that i can build on, ie different lenses, digital backs, etc. So I don't mind starting with limitations but what would they be ?
6. There seems to be a passion for the tech camera, can I connect a digital solutions like a Nikon , use that to focus, etc then add a film back and shoot large format ?

I am planning trips to India and Africa to use this type of solution.

Thanks ever so much in advance to all who bother to look and respond.


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