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Author Topic: optimize i1profiler feature question  (Read 1011 times)


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optimize i1profiler feature question
« on: June 01, 2011, 01:01:48 PM »

So this week I set aside my spyder3 eqpt and got the i1pro photo, and began profiling the 10 rolls I have of various canvas/papers since I wanted to buy a few and try them out, learning along the way.
I use the i1profiler program to create around 2430 patches, for that fits onto 6 letter-pages perfectly, so I will print either 6 letter-pages, or I also combined all 6 as one single tif image to print as a single 17"x33" print on my ipf5100 from a roll.

My question is-
I see this 'optimization' feature, so that someone can add specific colors via pantone spots, or importing a photo (and the software gives you a not-so-good breakdown of its spot colors), or someone can add more colors letting the program choose them.

If I planned on doing black and whites, or say color portraiture, then is it not in my best interests to use this 'optimize' feature for my profiles, and somehow importing a nice range of black-and-white or skin tones?
and if so, it seems like there would be a download or just integrated into the program, a nice pantone set of 256 true black and white, or 256 skin tones, so someone could easily add them without trying to figure out how to create this manually. Just as the spyder3 program let you add additional enhanced greyscale profiling to the initial color chart.

So is it really not needed because 2430 patches is engouh, or is it nice to optimize and add a good greyscale range, or good skin range? thanks for any input, gg


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Re: optimize i1profiler feature question
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2011, 04:52:16 PM »

If you start out with a sufficiently large amount of patches (say 1700+ for RGB), the optimization doesn’t do much at all.
Andrew Rodney
Author “Color Management for Photographers”
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