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Z3100 24" fails to profile Breathing Color Lyve Canvas

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I am totally at a loss and need help. I loaded a 24" roll of BC Lyve canvas into my stock Z3100 and went to create a new profile. The printer printed the hexagon grid and went then went into the drying cycle. After that, it choked and said that it couldn't profile it. Usually it brings back the grid and scans it. It just was left hanging out there. I had the printer set on "canvas" as the base material. The printer has had no problem creating profiles before. This, however, is the first time I tried using canvas. I tried this twice, and both times it failed. The cutter, by the way, has been disabled. What am I or the machine doing wrong??

Thanks in advance.


I can't offer a reason why your profile didn't work with it set to canvas. I've profiled Chromata White with no issues and canvas as the setting. You may want to try a fine art paper setting and see if the same thing happens. It may be a physical issue with the profiler?


Rocco Penny:
Hey there,  certainly in no way think I have the technical expertise or scientific background to quantitatively call a spade a spade,
practice with several dry runs
make sure you delete the phalf done profiles that are called XXX and replace them with the new one.
So system32, spool, color folder, something like that,
find the phalf done profiles and discard them.
Then, dry run building a totally new profile,
did you set the canvas to >250 gsm?
There are a few canvas options.
Do you see that?
Make sure it's set big.
If you have the new kind of starwheel assembly, manually set it for high,
make sure the assembly is set high in the driver.
make sure it's canvas>250
I've heard other comical settings but prefer to do it that way.
Then when you're sure you know how to operate color center and the z make sure you have the old profile deleted.
Then make a new one.
A step at a time,
if it goes wacky again, do a hard stop/start of the z and computer disconnecting the printer etc.
Make sure all the connections are good, use a different usb, etc until you have double checked everything.
Then start the computer, then the z,
make a print on plain paper using application managed color,
then if you got this far,
hone in on making your new profile.
If it does it again,
that's all I know has worked for me in the past.
Color center is buggy,
sometimes conflicting settings,
sometimes just being in a hurry,
you'll get it if you take your time


perhaps try to create a "normal" paper profile.

if it prints fine with existing profiles and suddenly starts to get stuck when
trying to create any new media profile i had the same symptoms last year:

after some time in diagnostics mode and on the phone with HP support
an issue with the spectrophotometer was identified - remedied by replacing
the carriage assembly.


Thanks, all! I gotta try these things a bit later today. I change back to my usual paper and update that profile. Than, I'll try doing the thicker canvas setting. Quick question, I have the new starwheel assembly. How do I manually set it. By the way, I'm running the latest osx version on an early 2008 Mac Pro.


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