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Author Topic: Leaf Capture 11.5 Released: New GUI with lots of goodies for Aptus-II users  (Read 3536 times)


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A couple of questions about this yaya - One, do you have to load the LCC files onto every memory card that you shoot?
Yes you can store them on all your cards
And then do you have to apply the proper file to each shot that is taken, or can you apply them to a group of shots after the fact? (Or have it apply the same correction to a number of shots in a row until you tell it to stop or change to a different file?)
You select the appropriate calibration file BEFORE you shoot, then select another one if you change aperture/ lens displacement. The back uses the selected files instead of the factory calibration which you can of course revert to at any time.

And if you reformat the card, you lose the files, yes? So only reformatting in the computer, then reload the card, but don't reformat in the field....?
Formatting the card in the filed just removes the images, so all you settings including calibration files stay intact
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It's great that the capture update doesn't allow me to shoot tethered with my leaf 65 back any longer. You got to love the support. >:(
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