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Author Topic: cliché time  (Read 3932 times)

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Re: cliché time
« Reply #20 on: May 09, 2011, 03:17:01 PM »

"On the other hand, this the "Luminous Landscape" site. I think I can be forgiven for posting a shot of scenery!


Nothing to be forgiven about; my views are only mine and don't count for squat. As I suggested, there could easily be a failure in my wiring and that's all there is to the thing.

Perhaps there is some confusion here: I don't claim to dislike landscape at all; I simply don't see it as creative. Like most everyone else, I've taken a few such pix but don't think of them as creative either, neither before, during nor after the event.This could well be because of stock shooting (think tourist views - think Mittens, Yellowstone, Benares, etc. etc. etc.) but I have no fond memories of anything of that genre that I have produced. On the other hand, almost everything I can remember to do with shooting models has got something I can recall with a certain fondness if not downright joy. (The rotten situations I forget at once!) I suspect that its the combination of location, beauty and doing somethig to make those factors produce something that wasn't there before we hit the scene and no longer existed when we wrapped. It's the combined efforts that are the creative part; even if the work ends up a failure, in which event creativity existed but we blew it.

Just an attitude; just a personal take. Exactly why I bit my tongue!


Rob C
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