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Author Topic: How should I light this scene, what gear and where should I position the lights  (Read 2118 times)


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I am producting this video:

But I need to do it with proper lighting, so it would look profesionally done. Could you please help with with some advice as to what lights would you use, and how should I light this scene?.

I have budget to rent lights and eventually we will buy our own, I think the company will be willing to spend some $700.00 to buy lights.  So if you have suggestions on lights I should rent/buy please let me know

thank you so much

This particular test was shoot using a homedepot light, and it was situated some 6 feet tall and right behind the camera.

I am using this camera:


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whats wrong with the lighting. looks fine. its a bit flat but thats personal. home depot lights will produce the wrong color of light, yellow. you probably dont need to do anything. looks to be good natural light.

Robin Balas

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you are mixing lights and you are positioning the light in a strange location.
use reflectors if possible or light indirectly so that the yellow lights mix with the existing lights.
to show depth you need to light in a way that reveals the objects shape, i.e. let the light fall off over the curvature of the object. You could light the left side wall and ceiling to create contrast. If you get too much contrast use a reflector on the right side to fill in the shadows. But you need to find something you like and try and recreate that look - if you don't know what you want its hard to get there.
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