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Author Topic: Is it possible to use colorchecker passport as a reflective scanner target?  (Read 3627 times)


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I wonder if it is possible to use a Xrite color checker target as a scanner calibration target? If anyone did/does it, an advise is appreciated.

I was thinking of just scanning it into a tif and using XRite LR plugin to correct scanned tifs, but they are not raw files and I am not sure how it would work.

Any advise is appreciated.


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    • Gerry Robinson Photography

I scanned my colorchecker without any adjustments in the scanner software.
I'm using silverfast se.
after importing the scanned file into LR3,I adjusted the white balance, exposure and brightness
levels until they matched the colorchecker.
Then I saved those settings as a develop preset so I can import new scanned images into LR3.
I haven't tried creating a profile yet using the passport software,but the preset is giving me fairly
good results.
best of luck
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