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Author Topic: Capture Pilot 1.1 released  (Read 2155 times)
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« on: February 11, 2011, 05:00:03 AM »

iTunes store link

What's New In Version 1.1
1) Use rating and color tagging of images to help assist the selection and editing process. (requires Capture One 6.1 or newer)
2) Access Capture Pilot servers outside the local network. This allows users on remote locations to see and provide feedback on your images in Capture One with their iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch where Internet access is available.
3) Variant numbers and names in browser
4) Preferences to show names below the images in the browser
5) A number of minor enhancements and bugfixes



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Especially looking forward to testdriving the internet based image servers Wink
Doug Peterson
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Especially looking forward to testdriving the internet based image servers Wink

I honestly can't believe it - it works.

You have to know a decent amount of setting up a network as most routers will block you from doing this sort of thing (for your own safety so hackers can't gain access to your data/system). So if you don't know what an IP Address is and you've never heard of "port forwarding" this will be hard to set up on your end. For the client (off site) its actually shockingly easy: just give them your host IP Address and port number and they connect immediately.

Couple notes:
- The Capture Pilot Server assigns a port automatically once the server is "started". So if you're wondering what port it is running on just start the server first and then check the port number (advanced tab)
- We'll be writing an article next week on how to set up an Airport Extreme Base Station with Port Forwarding to allow the external access.
- This could work even with a laptop in the field without wifi, assuming you had a 3g or 4g wireless USB stick.
- If you're shooting to CF cards this still makes a lot of sense, especially if you set Capture Pilot to only share 4 star (or green tagged - whatever) images. Art Director across the country can keep track of your best shots throughout the day and do their own editing (e.g. marking number of stars) with no effort on your end.

Much more soon...

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I shared with Steve H. my experience with Capture Pilot v1.1.
It's Fantastic!!
I set it up through Airport Extreme.
Used it with clients in Albuquerque. Worked like a charm and its pretty fast.
This is a valuable tool.

- Rudy Torres
El Paso, TX
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